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We offer customized training for seniors with a focus on fitness,  mobility and balance.

Perfect training for you who have turned 65!

Instructor is Alba Lopez 

  the course starts week 7  

The classes cost SEK 150 at a time, but you can also choose clip cards on 10 occasions for SEK 1,350.

Of course, we adapt the training to counteract the risks of spreading Covid 19.

With senior dance   you move completely freely to music during guidance. No demands and no achievement, only your own desire and energy sets the limits.
Everything is adapted based on your own body's ability and daily form. Being able to feel free in their movement and safe in their body is important to maintain even as age increases. 
Our ambition is to take you on a unique dance experience every time. Therefore,  themes vary on each lesson. We can take you on a dance trip around the world and visit different music cultures, We can dance with a special body part and give it our full attention. 
We recommend that you wear compliant clothing and soft shoes or barefoot as we work a lot with the feet which is our platform.

Hur vill du betala ?
The terms
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Vi är stolt medlemm i SDO, Sveriges Dansorganisation, som står för kompetens, kvalitet och utbildning.

Våra lärare är utbildade via förbundet inom flera olika steg och stilar.


Vi är också medlemm i WADF, world artistic dance federation som: 

  •  involve all levels of dancers in Worldwide Artistic Dance competitions.

  •  revitalise the methods of teaching dance in all parts of the World

Vi kan tävla internationell


We learn from the past, we live in the present and we look for the future!

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