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About us


We are a dance business  i Bollnäs.

With us, you dance in a family environment. We are convinced that you will have a lot of fun on our dance courses - and to dare is just the beginning!

The dance provides exercise in a fun way and you practice body control, coordination, agility and balance.

We have dance courses for all ages and at different levels. Come and dance with us!


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Vi är stolt medlemm i SDO, Sveriges Dansorganisation, som står för kompetens, kvalitet och utbildning.

Våra lärare är utbildade via förbundet inom flera olika steg och stilar.


Vi är också medlemm i WADF, world artistic dance federation som: 

  •  involve all levels of dancers in Worldwide Artistic Dance competitions.

  •  revitalise the methods of teaching dance in all parts of the World

Vi kan tävla internationell


We learn from the past, we live in the present and we look for the future!

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